The LifeShirt ™ System , manufactured by VivoMetrics is a comfortable, lightweight garment with embedded sensors that continuously collects information on a range of cardiopulmonary parameters.

The LifeShirt System is no longer available for sale. Vivonoetics recommends alternative and equivalent continuous ambulatory monitoring systems.

The VivoSense software replaces and improves on the VivoLogic software in analyzing data from the LifeShirt.

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The LifeShirt is a lightweight (8 oz.), machine washable shirt with embedded sensors. Respiratory function sensors are woven into the shirt around the patient’s chest and abdomen. A three-lead, single channel ECG measures heart rate, and a three-axis accelerometer records subject posture and activity level. Optional peripheral devices measure blood pressure, EEG, audio, temperature and blood oxygen saturation.

The LifeShirt Recorder™ is a mobile device that continuously encrypts and stores the subject’s physiologic data on a compact flash memory card. Subjectts may also record time-stamped symptom, mood and activity information in the recorder’s digital diary, allowing researchers to correlate subjective subject input with objectively measured physiologic parameters.

LifeShirt System files can be easily imported into the VivoSense software for further in depth analysis.

The LifeShirt system is no longer sold, however many of the original developers of the LifeShirt system and VivoLogic software are founding partners of Vivonoetics. Please contact us to discuss alternative continuous ambulatory monitoring systems that provide equivalent or improved data sets to the LifeShirt System.

Compatible Channels

Sensor Data
Dual Band Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography
Blood Pressure
Temperature (Skin)
Temperature (Core)
E-Patient Diary
Pulse Oximetry
PPG Waveforms
TriAxial Accelerometry
Event Marking (On Device and Remote)

VivoSense Compatibility

Heart Rate Variability
Complex Respiration
Syncronization and Merge
Batch Processing