Equivital EQ02

Equivital EQ02, monitoring drug study subjects, military personnel, athletes, first responders, hospital patients, mining workers, and hazmat teams.

Vivonoetics, Inc. has provided the Equivitalâ„¢ EQ02 platform to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The Mayo Foundation, and Columbia University Medical Center, for use in advanced human physiological monitoring. EQ02 is also being used in pharmaceutical clinical trials.

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Equivital data is VivoSense compatible.




Compatible Channels

Sensor Data
Dual Band Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography
Respiration (Strain Gauge)
Blood Pressure
Temperature (Skin)
Temperature (Core)
E-Patient Diary
Pulse Oximetry
PPG Waveforms
TriAxial Accelerometry
Event Marking (On Device and Remote)

VivoSense Compatibility

Heart Rate Variability
Complex Respiration
Electrodermal Response (GSR)
Syncronization and Merge
Batch Processing